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Powerbooster is the inevitable storage system for a basic set of applications. Efficient use of renewable energy is made for the growth of e-mobility and cost reduction with overhead shaving.

Customized Energy.

Due to the ever-increasing need for energy, thinking about the big picture and at the same time saving costs in every detail is not a contradiction but a solution. All business areas related to these future-ready storage systems are served.

These systems are becoming increasingly important for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, agriculture, hotels and e-mobility. Leveraging the benefits of lithium-ion technology, our system offers superior efficiency and exceptional durability, while also providing the advantage of seamless integration into existing energy infrastructures.

The Powerbooster product line offers turnkey storage systems to users in the industrial and commercial, agricultural, electric vehicle charging and solar sectors. These innovative storage systems offer advantages in every aspect, from storage capacity and scalability to space requirements and control.

High expenditures for strengthening the network infrastructure are avoided.

It protects you against increasing energy costs.

Increase the share of renewable energy in your overall consumption.

Reduce your CO2 footprint.

Powerbooster (For Outdoor)

Our single, double and triple cabins can also be placed outdoors. With its IP55 enclosure and internal cooling system, it is suitable for weather conditions and a wide temperature range.

The outdoor solution has versatile applications, including overhead shaving in industrial environments such as charging stations for electric vehicles, ports and mining operations.

For larger systems, up to eight powerbooster cabinets can be accommodated in a 10 ft container.”



Shaving peaks during machine start-up


Avoid costs that exceed the contract electricity limit


Peak power supply with fuel cell and diesel generators


Solutions for PV-optimized EV charging.

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