OZ Energy
Interview Given to Eurostar TV Channel by Our Managers at the 15th EIF Energy Congress Exhibition

Ömer Koç and Özgür Sarpdağ, one of our board members, touched upon important points about our company and our sector at the Energy Congress. You can watch our video for a detailed interview.

Can you tell us about yourself as OzEnergy?

“We are Turkey’s leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Installation) company. After many years of installation in Turkey, we continued and continue to maintain our success in the same sector in Europe. We continue to undertake turnkey projects in many countries such as Germany, Poland and Croatia. “

Can you talk a little bit about the team behind the success of your companies and the work you do?

“First of all, we are an engineering firm. We work together on both field and roof projects with our friends who are graduates of many engineering disciplines such as electricity, construction and machinery and come from different disciplines. We have professional staff of more than 20 engineers in total. Until 2019, we mainly took part in land projects. With the roof regulation issued in 2019, we have ensured the installation of solar power plants of leading companies in many sectors such as textiles and plastics.”

What do these projects add?

“Considering that electricity consumption and electricity costs are increasing rapidly, and costs are decreasing in the solar energy sector, solar power plants are no longer an option, but a necessity. In addition to the savings to be made on electricity bills, it has provided an advantage to the factory owners in the carbon tax at the border, which is on the agenda in Europe.”

Do you think physical structures, lands and roofs are important?

“Absolutely important. It’s not everyone’s own solution; It is necessary to find a solution specific to the field and roof. The way to find this solution right is also revealed with the right staff and experience.”

How long does it take to deliver a turnkey project?

“We have a 3-4 month legislative process for roof projects. Our installation time varies between 1-2 months depending on the size of the project. The procedures for land work a little differently. The process is very different compared to the roof. (such as permits, zoning procedures, or details about connectivity). That’s why land projects can take up to 1 year with legal regulations.”

What are your target plans for 2023?

“Ozenergy Turkey is our German side of Teos Energy, so we always have one foot in Germany. Due to the structure of our companies, we have made planning a character in our staff. In addition to our ongoing projects in 2022, we have now completed the plan for 2023. We will add important companies to our portfolio in the next year.”

Are you planning to do smaller projects?

“As our company, we have been involved in industrial roofs and lands since its establishment. As our company, we have a goal that we always adopt and stand behind, “having happy customers”. When we come to the fairs, we do not come to welcome new customers, but to host people who have worked with us for many years within the framework of friendship. Even now, we have friends at our booth who came to the conversation we used to do business with.”