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Biden’s presidency, EU carbon border tax and Türkiye…

Joe Biden has put renewable energy at the center of his plans to restart the US economy. This is predictable for the solar industry, which will support new solar installations and increase global demand.

On the other hand, dynamics are changing for our continent as well. The EU Executive Commission sees the carbon border tax as a ‘survival issue’. This is a statement that should not be taken lightly for the solar energy sector in Europe.

 The carbon border tax is actually quite important for Turkey as an export-oriented country. Many international brands are aware of the geopolitical importance and advantages of Turkey’s workforce. Many have facilities or OEM partners in the country. If Turkish producers do not take into account carbon-friendly measures in the short term, they may lose the advantages of the international market.

So, what should be the ‘lessons learned’ for Turkish sector companies?

  • Manufacturers must transform their factories into environmentally friendly facilities. (Using clean energy sources, better waste management, using less clean water, etc.)
  • High demand is evident in America and the EU. Solar industry, cell, glass, etc. should prepare itself in case of any shortage of solar components.
  • On the other hand, demand and scarcity will obviously lead to price increases in solar components. Investors and EPC players should be prepared for price fluctuations.

As OzEnergy team, we see these developments as a great opportunity for both ourselves and our customers. Starting last year, we are building a structure as an experienced EPC firm in the EU. And thanks to digitalization, we started to provide remote services in design, engineering and project management in the USA, EU and Australia.

Cleaner energy and more digitization! We are ready for the future.