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The Textile Industry Turned the Pandemic into an Opportunity: Savings with Solar Energy

The textile industry is increasing its export volume after the pandemic. The data announced by TUIK indicate that textile exports, which reached $2.9 billion in the first 2 months of 2022, increased by 11.53 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Domestic textile organizations, on the other hand, state that countries seeking security of supply are turning to Turkey. The economic fluctuations that emerged with the pandemic continue to affect many industries, especially the supply chain. Textile ranks first among the sectors that turn the experienced mobility into an opportunity.

According to the data of TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute), the sales of textile products, which have a significant share in our country’s total exports, are gaining momentum day by day. The exports of the textile industry, which was 2.6 billion dollars in the first 2 months of 2021, increased by 11.54 percent in the same period of 2022 and reached 2.9 billion dollars.   

Making an assessment on the subject, Akınal Tekstil Founder Cevdet Akınal said: 

“Even though the pandemic has negatively affected many industries, the increase in textile exports can be considered as an indication that this situation can be turned into an opportunity. The output achieved thanks to the R&D and innovation power of the textile industry, while being a step in the global expansion of our domestic companies with high production volume, also contributes to the economic development plans of our cities.”


Cevdet Akınal, drawing attention to the fact that the countries seeking product diversity and safe supply in the textile industry turned to Turkey, said, “In 2021, when the most shocking effects of the pandemic were felt, our country’s exports reached the 13 billion dollar limit with an increase of more than 33 percent. Of course, this success enabled the global markets to turn their way to our country. With our position as Europe’s second supplier, we expanded our operations in EU countries and in the USA, which is among our biggest target markets. Our exports to America have reached the limit of 1 billion dollars,” he said.


Akınal Tekstil Founder Cevdet Akınal, who stated that the companies operating in the sector have increased Turkey’s position in the world supply chain with their new investments, continued his statement by underlining that the rise in the sector, besides the investments for new facilities, machinery and capacity increase, was also effective in different investment types:

“In the export figures of the textile industry, technology and energy investments that provide cost advantages are as critical as plant and production investments. Such actions not only trigger the exports of the sector, but also open the door for us to reach the export target of 15 billion dollars this year.”

Cevdet Akınal, who stated that they also contribute to local economic development with their Gaziantep-based establishments, which ranks 5th among Turkey’s export champion provinces, said, “As Akınal Tekstil, we accelerated our R&D and innovation studies to increase our share in the export cake.

In this way, we carry the exports of Gaziantep, where textile and raw materials are in the first place, to higher levels. Among our biggest export markets are Iraq, USA, Syria, Italy, England, Germany, Libya, Israel, Djibouti and Iran. 


Noting that they set an example in their region with their sustainable and low-cost investments, Cevdet Akınal said, “We have installed a solar energy system in our facility with OzEnergy, which works with production facilities all over Turkey.

We will accelerate our activities this year with the cost advantage we provide with the fast, flexible and expert photovoltaic professionals that OzEnergy offers in solar energy projects.”