OZ Energy
OzEnergy and Enerparc Overcome Roaming Barriers with Augmented Reality (AR)

OzEnergy and Enerparc have overcome the circulation barriers during the epidemic period with augmented reality (AR).

Engineers, who can communicate with audio and video thanks to AR glasses, jointly manage and supervise projects from Hamburg and Izmir. While OzEnergy experts make site visits, project management or field inspections anywhere in the world, Enerparc experts have the same experience in front of the screen in Hamburg, thanks to AR glasses.

Thanks to this technology integrated into SPP projects, the experience and expertise of the two companies have been combined. OzEnergy has been providing design, engineering, project management and supply services to Enerparc’s projects around the world since 2017. In addition, Enerparc takes part in OzEnergy’s projects in Turkey as an EPC-M partner.