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OzEnergy, Turkish Property Researcher Aims Energy Equipment To Go Abroad

OzEnergy Chairman of the Board Ömer Koç said, “We have a strong domestic equipment manufacturer in Die Turkey. We aim to develop Turkey’s production capability and to transfer products to foreign markets with the projects we undertake.”

In his statement to the AA correspondent, Koç said that with the increase in the number of inverter, panel and equipment manufacturers used in solar power plants in Turkey, the sector will become active starting this year.

Emphasizing that Turkey has adopted policies that prioritize renewable energy sources in resource diversification in energy production, and this situation contributes positively to the development of the sector, Koç said:

“Last year, there were problems in the supply of materials for equipment production both in global markets and in Turkey. Especially last year, the supply of electronic products, solar panels and inverters was not enough for the Turkish market. The demand for solar energy investments in Turkey was always high, but the supply could not keep up with it. Many new panel factories were opened this year. Many inverter companies entered the market. While there were a limited number of suppliers in the past years, now the number and diversity has increased. It is pleasing for Turkey that this diversity has increased. In the first six months of this year, with an investment of 710 megawatts in solar energy The installed capacity of 10 thousand megawatts has been exceeded, we anticipate that the total additional capacity will reach 1500 Megawatts by the end of the year. This is a good example of the sector’s mobilization.”

Koç explained that OzEnergy is an EPC company that provides turnkey contracting services for solar power plants and that they apply high engineering standards in various regions in Turkey and the world.

Expressing that they export services to more than 10 countries such as Australia, Germany and Denmark, and that they want to apply their experience in the solar energy sector in Turkey abroad, Koç said, “In a way, we had the chance to apply our engineering in other countries than Turkey. We established Teos Energy GmbH in Hamburg. We have become able to transfer technology. We have increased our standards. We started to provide many services together with OzEnergy in Turkey and Teos Energy in Europe. This year, we started to take an active role in EPC processes in Europe. We started to see the demands and shortcomings of Europe as well.” he said.

Pointing out that there is an increasing global demand for renewable energy and that they see many needs in Europe, including medium and high voltage products, Koç said:

“We use many electrical-mechanical products in our projects. We have many strong domestic manufacturers. We aimed to improve Turkey’s production capability and to transfer products to foreign markets. We have many experienced and quality manufacturers such as steel, aluminum, cable, transformer and medium voltage products. European companies He didn’t know much about Turkish manufacturers. Thanks to our company in Germany, we had the opportunity to promote these products. While we were building solar power plants in Turkey and Europe, we advise our investors to bring the products I just mentioned from Turkey. We aim to export materials to or. As OzEnergy, we have 8 construction sites in many provinces such as İzmir, Tekirdağ, Malatya, Denizli, which are still ongoing, etc. We are installing roof and land solar power plants to meet the consumption of industrial facilities. This year, large-scale roof projects and 10 Megawatts Our above ground projects continue. Also this year, we signed a strategic cooperation in energy storage with the 130-year-old German energy giant Exide Technologies. We will engineer, install and supply container-based, industrial-scale energy storage products.”

Source: https://www.aa.com.tr/tr/ekonomi/ozenergy-turk-mali-yenilenebilir-enerji-ekipmanlarinin-yurt-disina-ihracatini-hedefliyor/2961132