OZ Energy
OzEnergy Board Member Ozgur Sarpdag was the guest of Didem Arslanoglu in the “Business World” program on BloombergHT!

OzEnergy and Teos GmbH Board Member Özgür Sarpdağ was a guest of the “Business World” programme at BloomberghHT, the channel of the economy. Stating that the renewable energy sector is making an outstanding effort to shift energy storage investments from Europe to Turkey, Özgür Sarpdağ said, “Turkey’s targets in the coming years until 2030-2035 are much more aggressive and much more promising. Several leading manufacturers have started to establish factories in our country. However, for foreign investors, Turkey has a very strategic importance in terms of being a hub and a bridge between Asia and Europe. The energy sector is an investment gateway for both companies like us, which come from within the sector, and companies that want to enter the sector. The wind has opened the doors of Turkey’s exports in the field of energy, and the sun has taken the initiative to create its own industry in Turkey for exports together with the wind.”