OZ Energy
National Hydrogen Association Bulletin

Solar Energy, one of the most important renewable energy sources of the future and today, has been on the agenda with land installations in Turkey since 2012, and with the changes made in the regulation in 2018, it started to come to the fore with the demand for industrial facilities. OzEnergy, headquartered in Izmir, has accomplished important projects on land and industrial roofs with its professional staff since the day it was founded. The Group also has a subsidiary headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, from which it manages its activities in Europe. It is also the only authorized partner in Turkey of Enerparc, Europe’s largest EPC company. OzEnergy group makes installations not only in Turkey but also in many regions of Europe, Since 2017, it has been successfully continuing its path by taking part in more than 320 MWp projects in total. OzEnergy specialists manage the process from the zero point for a solar power plant and guarantee correct engineering. From the project idea, all details are taken into consideration and realistic production estimates are presented to our investors. What is the reason why solar energy, which is on our agenda, has become so important recently?

• The European Union’s target of reducing carbon emissions to 55% by 2030 and the Green Deal and border carbon tax regulation made solar energy a necessity, not a target.

• One of the most important reasons for the acceleration of the demand for solar power plant investments in Turkey is the incentives applied.

• Acted as an accelerator in the regular hikes in electricity prices.

As a result, thanks to solar energy, you can both produce your own electricity, reduce / reset your electricity bill and contribute to the creation of a cleaner future. In this process, you can have your power plant, which you can use for many years with OzEnergy quality, with high efficiency and quality standards.