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Interview of our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ömer Koç, to ‘Green Power’ Magazine


According to the legislation “5.1.ç” on the roof investor building a solar power plant when you consume less than you produce and more when you consume EPSAŞ free of charge. Now more investors with 5.1.ç on the roof to incentivize the construction of more power plants. legislation has arrived. With this new legislation from 5.1.ç, 5.1.h to land or roof and if he builds a solar power plant, both
if the power plant produces a total of 2 units of electricity and sell one of its units to EPSAŞ. This means
investments can accelerate and the public sector increase in solar power plants how warmly they look at solar energy. We, as OzEnergy, are also interested in solar energy. every single investment that will increase investment in power plants we attach importance to this step. Investor investment With his appetite so good, the sun increased investment in power plants incentivizing legislation for further For the increase in the number of Energy Industrialists and Business Men’s ssociation (ENSİAD) to contribute to the development of legislation sector to enlighten the public about We are working together with their returns. Because renewable energy investments that is, increased investments in green energy, positive impact on employment and due to its current account deficit reducing effect we support these steps. This legislation and incentive legislation is extremely is important.

Until now, the legislation 5.1.ç properly installed solar energy in power plants is sold to EPSAŞ free of charge. was sold free of charge. This with the new legislation, these power plants more than it consumes to EPSAŞ at a price. the possibility of selling to EPSAŞ. With this legislation, from 5.1.ç to solar
additional from “5.1.h” that builds a power plant by building a power plant, both power plants
if we add up what you produce, what you consume Selling the surplus to EPSAŞ to build a house. On your roof or on your land From 5.1.ç, if you have a power plant, the same as in “5.1.h”. to this additional power plant from a solar power plant in the right to sell excess electricity the right to “offset”. On the roof A rooftop from the old arrangement You have an SPP and you have a lot of contracted power. High.
Plant according to “5.1.ç” There’s no way you can use the excess energy. You’ll give it to EPSAŞ. “5.1.ç”
Rooftop SPP that you have installed with the “5.1.ç without the right to sell, your contractual power
is also quite high. “5.1.ç” legislation in accordance with the old established solar power to the system with this new legislation. are included. Industrial, municipal and agricultural solar energy for irrigation subscribers power plants to double the contracted power but according to this legislation
the power installed in the power plants will be equal to the contracted power.